Preparing for Your Stress Test

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Prior to your scheduled stress test, DO NOT participate in any strenuous and/or stressful physical activities.

1. Please bring a sweater, jacket, or warm clothing because of the COLD temperature that may exist in our waiting room.

2. All patients should wear a TWO piece outfit with a METAL-FREE SHORT SLEEVE SHIRT or a SHORT SLEEVE, LOOSE FITTING T-SHIRT.

3. Wear shoes and clothing appropriate for exercising.

4. Please DO NOT put any lotion, oils or cologne on prior to the exam.

5. Female patient’s need to wear a bra that DOES NOT contain an underwire because the wire may interfere with the ECG tracing.

6. DO NOT eat or drink after 2 hours prior to your test if otherwise directed by the physician or nurse.

7. Smokers: DO NOT SMOKE the morning of the study because the nicotine alters the heart rate response during exercise.

8. Medications: Please follow the instructions provided by your physician and BRING all of your medications with you including inhalers and diabetic medications. PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE IF ANY QUESTIONS ARISE.

9. DIABETICS: If you have a machine to check your blood sugar, bring it with you on the day of the study.

10. The duration of the procedure is approximately 1 hour. Please make arrangements for this time frame. (i.e. transportation, accompanying a special needs patient.)

11. Please give us a 24 hour notice if you must cancel this test.

12. Please be prepared to pay for the following items: Your insurance co-payment and parking on the day of the procedure.

13. YOU will be responsible for all personal items/valuable during the procedure. The staff WILL NOT be responsible for any items during the testing day.

14. Please contact our billing department at following number: 404-297-9077 if you have any questions regarding your financial obligation.