cigna-logoDiagnostic and consultative cardiology services are crucial to providing cardiac patients with correct diagnosis and treatment. This is why the Atlanta Heart Group works with major health insurance providers such as Cigna to make sure our cutting-edge services are available to our patients who need them. This enables us to offer the best cardiac care possible and allows our patients to receive treatment with a reduced level of stress.

What services are covered? Among other things, we work with Cigna to cover costs for the following consultative cardiology services:

  • Echocardiogram — diagnosing heart and valve abnormalities through the use of sound wave imaging
  • EKG — monitoring the heart’s electrical impulses for evidence of heart attack, as well as other irregularities, defects or blockages
  • Anticoagulation services — a regimen of medication and therapy to manage the blood’s consistency as it pumps through the cardiovascular system
  • Stress test — measuring the heart’s response to physical exertion
  • Nuclear stress test — a closer look at the heart and blood flow before and after exercise
  • Cardiac catheterization — looking inside your arteries and veins for signs of blockages

We provide these services either at our locations in Decatur and Lithonia, or when necessary, at St. Joseph’s and DeKalb Medical. We also provide a comprehensive explanation and preparatory instructions for these services on our website.

To ensure proper treatment, one or more of these diagnostic services may be essential to formulating a proper diagnosis. At Atlanta Heart Group we believe that whenever possible, every heart patient should have access to these important services when they are needed. This is why we work diligently with Cigna and other insurance provider to make sure our consultative cardiology services are properly covered.

If you have Cigna insurance and would like to learn more about our services, please contact us today!